Grading Service

…the community [has] selected ANACS as the de facto standard for grading (41). ANACS, established in 1972, is ‘America’s Oldest Grading Service’ (42)…  Grading is a burgeoning industry exemplified by the fact that, in August 2015, ANACS created a specific category for the submission of physical Bitcoin (44).

It is well established that grading will raise the value of any Physical crypto-coin. Another excellent reason to grade coins is to protect them against damage from exposure or handling.

One problem is that it is extremely difficult for collectors based outside of the USA to have their coins graded by ANACS. Additionally, collectors in the USA often find it a chore to fill out forms and pack coins in specific ways, causing their coins to go ungraded.

CoinFIRM has you covered!

Just effortlessly send your coins to a CoinFIRM associate in California, who will handle the entire grading process for you and return your graded coins by your preferred shipping method.

This section of the site is still under construction, but we can still arrange grading if you email

The grading service is offered at $38 per coin, plus shipping from California back to you by the method of your choice.