Bitcoin Nerd

‘The Bitcoin Museum’ is an online museum run by Andrew Dobbins, an early collector of bitcoin memorabilia and notably physical Bitcoins. Though he purchased many items himself, The Bitcoin Museum has also received many donations from the creators of physical coins and other Bitcoin items.

Inspired by the 1 gram silver rounds made by MJB Monetary Metals, he created two small silver coins to commemorate important days in the history of Bitcoin, using ‘Bitcoin Nerd’ as a personal brand. Though the first series sold well, the second version had difficulty selling out the full 1,000 mintage.

In June 2014, Andrew’s computer was hacked where 14 BTC was stolen, which included all proceeds from his sales of Bitcoin Nerd items. Because the funds were about to be used to pay for an upcoming wedding and honeymoon, the loss amounted to a personal tragedy. Without other avenues to pay the remaining costs, he appealed to the community for help, and initiated an auction of all physical Bitcoins and memorabilia that he owned and not been donated to him. Since this auction had numerous rare coins that are rarely offered for sale, it generated great interest
amongst collectors. Close to the end of the auction, a member of the community offered Andrew an interest-free 10 BTC loan. This was sufficient to cancel the desperate auction, and many other members of the forum offered loans and even donations which were enough to cover the entire loss. As promised, Mr. Dobbins repaid all loans in full. Though the Bitcoin community can often be harsh, this has been a wonderful example of many individuals coming together to help someone who has long been involved with Bitcoin and contributed to the community.

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