Bitcoin Penny

Bitcoin Penny launched in March 2015, bringing something fresh to the collectible Bitcoin scene. It is identical to the standard US 1 cent coin in color and proportions, but instead has a bitcoin theme. It joins a long tradition of ‘novelty coins’ that have been made for many decades in the likeness of coins between 1 and 25 cents in value.

“ONCE UPON A TIME, an American bitcoin enthusiast and lover of fine leather shoes was sitting at his office desk when he glanced down at his favorite penny loafers. In a moment of playful inspiration, he thought, ‘People have been wearing the same old pennies in their penny loafers for decades. It’s a fun and fashionable tradition, but isn’t it time we update that tradition for the twenty-first century? We use digital currency now. We need a digital penny. We need a… BITCOIN PENNY!”1

Judging by the name, it is fair to assume that the venture will not diversify much, perhaps releasing a new design once the initial stock is sold.

Below: Traditional Penny Loafers with the Bitcoin Penny (left), a roll of 40 Bitcoin Penny rounds, (upper right), ‘Penny Loafer’ key-chain sold by Bitcoin Penny (lower right)

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