BTCC is a major Bitcoin company based in China. The company mines up to 15 percent of all new bitcoin on an ongoing basis, and offers users one of the most popular exchanges. CEO Bobby Lee is the longest serving member of the Bitcoin Foundation, and is known along with his brother Charlie Lee (inventor of Litecoin and CTO of Coinbase) as one of the most important people in the Bitcoin ecosystem. In 2016, BTCC launched ‘BTCC Mint’ with an offering of two titanium Bitcoins largely aimed at the Chinese market. Later, ‘blocks’ (bars) were launched which contained the entire mining reward of a new block discovered by the BTCC mining pool.
Interestingly, BTCC does not sell coins to US residents. This is because of the legal grey area in which physical cryptocurrency exists in the country. While many smaller manufacturers are comfortable with selling funded coins in the USA, BTCC is instead focusing on other markets.

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