Denarium is a business unit of Prasos Oy which is a Bitcoin start-up. A Bitcoin start-up
based in Jyväskylä, Finland and is directed by CEO Henry Brade and his team. In addition
to physical Bitcoins, they operate Finland’s largest Bitcoin exchange (Bittiraha), a network
of Bitcoin ATM’s around the country (Bittimaatti), and an online store dedicated to Bitcoin
related items (BTC Store). When considering them as a producer of physical Bitcoins, it is
worth taking into account that the online store was once a primary re-seller of Casascius coins
in Europe. With the introduction of their own coins, the reselling activities were however
wound down. In early 2015, Prasos Oy sold about 8 percent of the company for 227,203 EUR
(~250,000 USD) to 268 individual investors via crowd-fund investing site
The idea behind Denarium is to create cost effective physical Bitcoins with an appeal to
worldwide clients, backed by the trusted Prasos Oy brand. A key difference between
Denarium coins and those of most other manufacturers is their intentional simplicity. The
coins are made in the same spirit as Casascius brass coins: they have the same material,
same size, and a hologram that is at first glance identical to Casascius’ with only a difference
in brand name. It is a reasonable assumption that Denarium’s intention is to begin where
Casascius left off in distributing low-cost physical Bitcoins for purposes of education and
recognition, as opposed to creating artistic pieces and curiosities to established collectors.
Prasos Oy is one of the few producers of physical Bitcoins which have other significant
business interests unrelated to the coins they produce.

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