Finite By Design

Finite By Design LLC is one of the earlier producers of physical crypto-currency, with seven varieties of 1oz silver coins produced in 2013 themed after six different crypto-currencies. F*D (as it is commonly known) is run by Christopher Mrozek and is based in the USA. Christopher was the first to produce physical coins for a number of crypto-currencies such as Namecoin, Primecoin, and Cryptogenic Bullion. In fact, Finite by Design was the first mint to focus on creating coins of various crypto-currencies, and its scale and quality has not been matched to date by similarly minded producers.
The name ‘Finite By Design’ can be interpreted to refer to the way crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are designed to be finite in supply forever, unlike ‘fiat’ money which is not necessarily based on a finite resource and where supply can be increased by decision of the central issuer. Though physical coins have been F*D’s main focus, it has also produced ‘Crypto Cards’ which are credit card sized plastic wallets. The silver coins have always been seen as highly premium products, with initial prices being 200 USD for a 1oz silver coin.