Infinitum Bitcoins

Infinitum Bitcoins is based in the British Virgin Islands, and has so far produced 1 oz and 2 oz fine silver coins as part of the ‘Ingenium’ series. ‘Ingenium’ is Latin for ‘genius’, which is fitting considering that the coins feature images of Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein who are perhaps the most well-known embodiments of the word. Of course, the general idea of the series is to assert that the concept of Bitcoin is itself a work of genius, and would deserve great respect from (and can thus be associated with) some of history’s most well-regarded minds. Contenders for future coins in the series have been said to include Michelangelo, Archimedes, and Thomas Edison.
As evidenced by the superior quality, very large mintage numbers (over 2,200 2 oz silver coins), and professional marketing, Infinitum Bitcoins is a significant and prestigious manufacturer of physical Bitcoins. As a business, Infinitum is most closely comparable to Titan Bitcoin (in scale and investment) and Alitin Mint (in the similarity of coins and theme, especially regarding 2 oz silver coins dedicated to historical figures). Infinitum is a serious business venture; the production of Infinitum’s inventory alone requiring well above 150,000 USD which would be out of reach for the majority of enthusiasts.