MJB Monetary Metals

MJB Monetary Metals was a small venture undertaken by Mike Bruce of the United Kingdom.
In addition to three Bitcoin rounds, MJB Monetary Metals has created some other unrelated
copper rounds. The great significance of MJB monetary metals is the fact that it was the very
first producer of coins with any kind of Bitcoin theme. Though the 1 gram silver coins were
cheap, they were obviously well over the silver spot price. One reason it is much higher was
the 20 percent VAT (tax) imposed on silver in the UK, which discouraged some prospective

The third and final coin produced is copper and features an iconic ‘circuit board’ design, and
was produced by The Mulligan Mint with a share of profits going to Mr. Bruce. The Mulligan
Mint eventually failed and faced numerous legal issues. The coin has become one of the
most popular representations of Bitcoin, with its images being featured in hundreds of news
articles. Though the coin was pure copper, Chinese manufacturers have begun selling gold,
silver, and copper clad copies at wholesale prices without the authorization of Mr. Bruce.

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