Ravenbit has made coins with two designs, the second of which has produced a very notable
variety of bronze, antique bronze, copper, and .999 silver. In addition to all these variations,
Ravenbit has introduced a complex system of ‘colors’ to further differentiate coins. Perhaps
the most unique Ravenbit coins are the ‘planet’ coins which are essentially damaged coins
that have been given a ‘story’ and then sold for higher than normal prices.
All Ravenbit coins come with a branded felt pouch and display stand. The presentation
and packaging of Ravenbit is perhaps the most professional of all similar manufacturers.
A significant number of Ravenbit coins have been graded by ANACS, with the best coins
receiving grades of MS-67 and MS-68. Uniquely among manufacturers, Ravenbit actually
sells graded coins directly to customers, removing the need for them to spend their time,
effort, and money to get the coins graded.