“So I’ve had a bag of these [Casascius Aluminum Blanks] for a while now and have been working on scripts to create labels along with finding proper labels for them. I have made 48 of them (1 sheet of labels) and funded them with 0.01 bitcoins each. I’m calling this first set version 0.1…I would like to sell around 45 of them for 0.025 btc each plus actual shipping.”

In June 2013, perhaps the first coins to imitate asascius’ vision went on sale. Announced four days before Lealana coins, the first small batch of coins made by user ‘Serp’ can accurately be described as the first raindrop in the coming storm of dozens of coin makers. Perhaps fittingly for being the transition between Casascius and other independent
crypto mints, Serp did not mint his own coins but instead used ‘aluminum blanks’ minted by Casascius and sold with a blank reverse and no hologram.

Serp created two more small batches of funded coins, after which he minted his own line of ‘DIY’ physical Bitcoins which had a blank reverse and a few custom designed holograms.

It is safe to assume that Serp’s initial foray into creating physical Bitcoins was not motivated by profit, but curiosity and a desire to create. He invested his time and energy in a project in which others were interested. This approach is something to keep in mind when examining many of the coins in this Encyclopedia; many are more about expression than business.

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