Shibe Mint

Shibe Mint was founded by Tony Pepperoni of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada after he learned
all he could about crypto-currency in December 2013. After seeing Casascius coins and learning about the Dogecoin community, he saw an opportunity. In early 2014 he launched the first physical Dogecoin, a 1 oz copper coin. Shibe Mint coins do not include a hologram or contain any DOGE, which was explained by Mr. Pepperoni as an effort to avoid any trouble with money transfer laws. Each coin sold by Shibe Mint does, however, come with a‘free gift’ paper wallet containing the amount of DOGE stated on the coin.

‘Shibe’ in the name refers to the Shiba Inu dog breed which is the basis of the ‘doge’ meme upon which the dogecoin crypto-currency is themed. ‘Very Much Wow’, a Dogecoin magazine perhaps offers the best explanation to the uninitiated: “It’s a mind-bender. The wallet is a symbol, is a way for us to accept the idea
that we own pieces of something that only exist because we choose to give a bit of nothing value….We believe in Doge, we love Doge, we wish Doge [to be] real, and Doge becomes alive [and gains value] in response.”

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