A part of what makes TGBEX special is its location in the Isle of Man, which has been verypermissive towards bitcoin. TGBEX (The Global Bitcoin EXchange) is perated by AdrianForbes, who is an accountant and investment advisor with 15 years of experience. The coins launched in September 2014, when a prototype was put for sale on eBay and sold for 265 GBP. TGBEX is run in a highly professional manner, with a very active and informative website and Twitter page. Mr. Forbes has appeared on BBC radio and has arnered interest from mainstream UK news outlets for his coins. Especially impressive about the company is the ambitiousness of creating large-denomination physical bitcoins in 2 BTC, 5 BTC, 10 BTC, 20 BTC, and even 50 BTC (with 1 BTC being valued at approximately 500 USD at the time of
launch). With coins as valuable as these, it is clear that TGBEX is aiming for a much different market than its competition; one which Mr. Forbes certainly understands via his profession. Unlike most crypto-mints, TGBEX has been in active talks with various regulatory bodies and is working towards being the first fully regulated maker of physical Bitcoins.

Instead of having a printed private key like the ‘normal’ physical Bitcoins, TGBEX engraves the complete private key on the back of each coin. This is certainly a premium touch, similar to what is done by Alitin Mint.
A maximum mintage limit has been set for each coin (999 each for brass-alloy coins and 499 for each of the silver coins), but at the time of writing that number has not actually been produced for any coin. Each of the silver coins is hallmarked by the Birmingham assay
office, for yet another layer of authenticity and class.

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