Titan Bitcoin

Titan is based in California, launched in October 2013, and is led by Tim Fillmore. When launched, the entire offering of six coins was announced right away, instead of adding designs as the previous ones sold out. This is evidence of a larger up-front investment and risk taken by the company. Titan Bitcoin (also known as Titan Mint) was the second mint to produce a 1 oz gold Bitcoin, after Casascius. It is notable that in just over two years, the BTC denomination for a 1 oz gold coin went from 1,000 BTC to 1 BTC; evidence of the mmense growth in BTC value in a short period. Before any coins were released, Titan originally expressed an intent to produce 5 BTC and 10 BTC coins in silver and gold (at which time one bitcoin was worth about 200 USD). Two months later (when BTC had doubled to 400
USD), the 1 BTC denomination gold coin was
nnounced along with the other coins. The coins made by Titan Bitcoin introduced a new and unique design aspect in their holograms. They expanded Casascius’ design of using a hologram ‘window’ to verify the
coin’s contents by adding a much larger window and a QR code by which anyone could quickly check and verify the amount of BTC confined inside the coin. A Coin ID number is also printed beneath the QR code. Unlike some coin manufacturers, Titan Bitcoin has
succeeded in projecting a highly professional image with a well-designed website and online ordering mechanism. Titan Bitcoin guarantees the balances of its coins by 110 percent “if ANY customer of our sever loses money because of a security breach in our system.”1 Replicas of Titan Bitcoin’s coins have been mass-produced in China, with identical imagery on the front but a very different back. They have not been ‘malicious’ in the sense of a fraudulent hologram; the
backsides simply feature an alternate design consisting of a QR code in the metal in the spot where the hologram would normally be placed

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