0.25 BTC Silver

This is the first ‘quarter bitcoin’ and follows the ‘Series 2’ coin format. Like the 0.1 BTC silver Lealana coin, this coin’s hologram features a silver ‘B’. Notably, over 25 specimens are known to actually have the ‘Gold B’ (pictured) hologram normally reserved for the 0.1 BTC Brass and 1 BTC Lealana coins. It is possible that one or more ‘B/F Black’ coins were also subject to this abnormality, making them extremely rare.

Pictured in this entry is a unique custom Lealana coin set owned by Scott Barnett who had it made specially to honor his son. It contains 3 coins, all with gold holograms and a unique blue public address font. All coins are funded, with the addresses: 1Dexter (1 BTC), 1Woody (0.5 BTC), and 1Barnett (0.25 BTC).

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