This coin was the first released by Lealana, and is the most common due to its very high mintage. Of these coins, the ‘first run’ (N/S Black) type is generally the most desired by collectors. The ‘first run’ coins actually have a cleaner appearance on the front, because the ‘pitted’ coins have a visible circular ‘dent’ across the ‘L’, caused by the manufacturing process of creating the ‘pit’ on the back.

Many Lealana coins including this have a fourth ‘sub-type’ that is very rare, though its coins technically belong to the ‘Black’ sub-type. These coins are marked ‘BUYER FUNDED’ even though their first-bit text is black instead of green as it normally is for such coins. Of all 1 LTC coins, about 40 have this abnormality which will henceforth be referred to as ‘Buyer Funded Black’ or B/F Black for short.

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