1 oz .999 Fine Silver Physical Vericoin

This coin was produced by Socal, a user of the Bitcointalk.org forum who did not use any separate business name for this coin production initiative. The coin is designed to hold Vericoin, which is an alternative crypto-currency (and part of ‘Supernet’ for
which another physical coin exists). Seven of the coins were set aside for the Vericoin’s developers, and 55 were given to pre-announcement donors to the project. The remaining 38 coins were sold for 0.1 BTC each, with half due at reservation and the other half due prior to shipping which took place about five months after the announcement. The front features the Vericoin ‘V’ logo and the Latin phrase ‘Ad Infinitum – 2014’ which translates to ‘To Infinity – 2014’. The backside has a hologram and the
text ‘First Edition’.

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