1 oz StartCOIN Mexican Silver coin

These coins were minted by Jose Rodriguez in honor of Anarchapulco 2015, an anarcho-capitalist conference held in Acapulco, Mexico in February 2016.

Besides the year, the front features a prominent image of Guerrero Aguila, an Aztec warrior, as a symbol of strength and independence. There is also an anarchy themed ‘A’ logo for the Anarchapulco conference. In addition to the conference, the coin celebrates the integration of the alternative crypto-currency StartCOIN by Unisend, which is a Latin American crypto-currency exchange service. The back has space for a hologram, as well as the inscription ‘StartCoin Now Trading on Unisend’ and ‘1 Oz. Fine Silver’.

The coin is the result of a crowd-funding campaign on the website StartJOIN, where it successfully raised 11,440 USD to manufacture 183 coins.

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