10,000 LTC 2011 Bar Acrylic LTC 2011

The most mysterious Casascius product is the 10,000 LTC bar, of which virtually nothing is known. The only available clue is this photo, which does nothing more than confirm that Casascius once produced a bar with ‘10000 LTC | *Ten Thousand Litecoins*’ written across it in the same format as for other high-denomination bars. It is not known how many were produced or if any were funded or sold.

The most ‘odd’ Casascius creation is the acrylic Litecoin round. They consist of acrylic ‘rounds’ laser-engraved with the Litecoin ‘L’ logo. It is not known how many exist, but the number is not likely to be above two dozen. Unlike all other coins and bars, these are made of transparent acrylic. The pictured rounds were given to Charlie Lee along with a 100,000 LTC bar. Charlie Lee is an influential figure in the cryptocurrency space, having been the creator of Litecoin.

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