1/10 BTC

The hologram demands attention, as it is nearly identical to Casascius’ Series 2 hologram. The only difference is the name of the brand (Denarium instead of Casascius), along with a different center design and ‘Authentic’ instead of ‘Original’ written in the upper band. The inspiration by Casascius and emulation is clear when comparing the holograms (see the Casascius hologram on the bottom left). It should be noted that while the hologram window displays the first-bits as expected, the hologram itself is also engraved with a serial number starting with E (for ‘Empty’ unfunded ‘UF’) or L (for ‘Loaded’, which is the equivelant of pre-funded ‘PF’).

The image on the coin is that of a bull, though it has received some criticism for not being obvious (for example, it has been initially interpreted to be an image of Italy). The bull is a symbol of economic prosperity and the increasing value of financial instruments, which makes it a fitting image to place on an asset such as Bitcoin which the holder expects to rise in value.

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