1oz .999 Silver Minted Seat

This coin is the first of its kind in many ways. Though it does not specify a bitcoin balance, it will likely receive allotments of
BTC well into the future. As explained in the mint biography, this coin functions not unlike an ownership share to a company
into which small dividends are paid and a fundraiser with 50% of the coin’s sale price being donated to NastyFans. It’s BTC value is therefore ever-increasing, assuming that the pay-outs do not stop. The public key address of the coin is engraved along the rim of the coin. The face of the coin lacks many features that ‘physical Bitcoins’ generally possess, such as Bitcoin symbols and other imagery alluding to bitcoin (though it does include two images of bitcoin miners). It is simply a logo, which is unusual when compared to other silver Bitcoins.

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