2014 0.01 BTC Silver Coin

These coins were manufactured in China, and caused a large amount of trouble for Microsoul. The photo on the right (‘2014 Series 2’ in the chart) is what Microsoul originally received 400 of from the Chinese manufacturer, but being unsatisfied with quality, sent back to be re-done. Microsoul was still unsatisfied, and shipped 90 percent of the coins back for a second time. Unfortunately, these coins were lost to customs resulting in a loss of over 10,000 USD. It is theoretically possible that an additional 359 unfunded coins without holograms will surface one day.

Microsoul was hesitant about releasing these coins at all, as the quality was questionable. However, he made the best of his losses and sold these coins for 40 USD each. He has confirmed them to be at least 90 percent silver via acid tests (a common way to determine gold or silver content using an chemical solution).
Each coin is funded and sealed with the Microsoul Series 2 hologram. Only five coins with the Series 1 hologram (photo on the left) were made as gifts to re-sellers and are very rare.

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