25 LTC Silver

This coin can be viewed as a ‘litecoin equivalent’ of the 25 BTC or 1 BTC Silver Casascius coins (front and back of both pictured below). It is virtually identical in form to the two coins in terms of design, mintage, and denomination. The most striking similarity is the edge along the back side, which is composed of 1’s and 0’s spelling “Vires in Numeris” in Hawaiian via binary. Another notable aspect of this coin is the ‘laser rimming’ which followed Casascius’ example of adding an extra security feature to premium coins. A small number of these coins have no laser rim. Due to its rarity, this is perhaps the most coveted Lealana coin. The green-address version is the rarest Lealana coin, of which three are marked buyer funded and two are not. The ‘binary edge’ pattern has since been used in other coins.

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