Alitin Mint

Alitin Mint is among the most unique and prestigious manufacturers of physical Bitcoins.
Unlike other physical crypto-currencies, Alitin coins do not have any kind of hologram seal.
Instead, the private key is etched directly into the side of the coin and it is then placed in a
secure slab that covers the sides. In this way, the coin is fully funded but a hologram does not
take up space on the coin. Redeeming the coin requires the breaking of the slab, but unlike
the case with holograms there is no physical change to the coin whatsoever. The public
key is tastefully etched onto the backside of the coins. A concern that was brought to light
regarding the engraving of private keys was the possibility of a ‘hacker’ using an ultrasound
or MRI machine to discern the characters inside the slab. This was taken seriously, and it was
confirmed by a radiologist that such a feat was not possible with current technology.

The coins are created by John B. Andelin, a self-taught ‘Presidential Sculptor’ whose
work includes a nine foot statue of former US president George H. W. Bush made from a
19,600 pound block of Colorado Yule marble. His other works include “The Dawning of a
Brighter Day” life-sized statue of Joseph Smith (the founder of Mormonism), amongst other
religiously inspired works. Mr. Andelin is a pathologist, and uses his expert knowledge of
human anatomy to perfect his sculptures. Unrelated to his work with sculpture and Bitcoin,
he has written “Evolution: Mask of Science” in which he claims to refute the scientific concept
of evolutionary biology and according to the book description, “eviscerates the entire treatise
of Darwinism”.1

Each coin made by Alitin is made in the honor of an individual who has somehow benefited
humanity in a selfless manner. Due to Alitin’s unique design eschewing holograms and their
emphasis in creating obviously respectable pieces of art, they are uniquely placed to attract
interest from serious numismatists who may not have any initial interest in Bitcoin. Indeed
it is Alitin Mint’s hope to spread worldwide interest of Bitcoin in this way, which would most
certainly also bring a highly increased collector interest in physical crypto-currencies. Alitin
takes the legal issues regarding ‘money transmitting’ faced by Casascius seriously. In fact,
it is a subsidiary of a licensed money services business with fully valid money transmitter
licensing. It is interesting to note that according to their website, Alitin donates a portion of
all proceeds to The Bitcoin Foundation. This organization has become quite controversial
among many Bitcoin users, due to questions of centralization and bias