This third and final round in the series features a representation of the ‘Anonymous’ logo. Anonymous is an infamous Internet ‘organization’ loosely composed of various activist groups and hackers, some of them colloquially known as ‘hacktivists’. The organization is based on the idea of anonymity, and anyone can essentially become ‘Anonymous’ by participating in its actions. With no leadership structure, Anonymous is de-centralized and operates on a peer-to-peer basis in the same way as Bitcoin. In addition to this similarity, both are associated with concepts of online anonymity (or more accuratly, pseudonymity), and even actions such as hacking. Due to these similarities and the fact that they have been in the public radar at approximately the same time, some have erroneously associated Anonymous directly with Bitcoin. While it is likely that some Anonymous participants are Bitcoin users, there is no real connection between the two, as evidenced by the fact that the Wikipedia page for Anonymous does not even mention Bitcoin (at the time of writing). As such, the ‘Anonymous’ design has no real relevance
to Bitcoin, though many will recognize it along with Bitcoin as a ‘force’ that cannot be ignored in the current
digital realm.

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