Binary Eagle

This coin stands out amongst physical Bitcoins in design and execution. They are distributed by TopWorldCoins, a major seller of custom low-mintage collectible coins. The fact that such a large company is interested in being the sole distributor of a prefunded physical Bitcoin gives the format a legitimacy that cannot be easily attained by the efforts of small independent producers who do not have visibility to the wider coin-collecting market. The coin was “created to mark the point where two worlds meet: traditional numismatics and a payment system of the future, and so to push the limits of both of them”.1
The front is taken up by the face of an eagle, whose feathers are composed of 1’s and 0’s in a nod to binary code which has become a common theme in physical crypto-currency since the very beginning. The eagle represents the unrestricted freedom that Bitcoin provides its users. The back hologram is very unique because it is not circular and takes up only a small portion of the backside. The hologram displays the Earth with other planets, which morphs into the Bitcoin symbol when the coin is rotated.

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