Dogecar Commemorative Edition

This copper round commemorates the ‘Dogecar’ which is among the more momentous achievements of the Dogecoin community to date. In March 2014, dogecoin users on the website raised 67 million DOGE (55,000 USD) to sponsor NASCAR driver Josh Wise for the 2014 ‘Aaron’s 499’ race. The race was held on May 4th, 2014 at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, where Wise finished 20th in car #98 which was wrapped in a massive advertisement for Dogecoin. The car was nicknamed the ‘Moon Rocket’ as a nod to Dogecoin users’ common saying that Dogecoin would
soon go “to the moon” (massively increase in value), and perhaps even as a tongue-in-cheek expectation that the publicity garnered by the sponsorship would indeed ‘rocket’ the value of Dogecoin ‘to the moon’.Josh Wise himself developed a liking for the Dogecoin community, and continued his partnership with them by rallying users to vote for him in fan-favorite contests
and even released a Dogecoin t-shirt to finance further races. In reference to the car number, this round is denominated as ‘98 Dogecoins’ and was even listed as having an original price of 98 USD, though it was on perpetual ‘sale’ for 10 USD.

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