Gold Coin

Photos and information of this round were first posted on a Chinese Bitcoin news portal by an individual claiming to have been commissioned to produce the coins. Not much is known about these coins, but because there are said to be up to 101 solid gold specimens, their existence is noteworthy. They were minted by a Chinese businessman (hence the producer name; no official name is available), and destined for a private collection as opposed to public sale. It is believed the QR code on the back is the private key, unique to each coin. It has been claimed that the coins are somehow backed by physical gold, which is supported by the text on the back. Something very interesting about the coins is that the serial number appears to not be engraved and instead seems to be part of the original strike. If this is the case, these coins would be incredibly expensive to individually produce.
The front of the coin features a rather oddly laid out world map, with a solid ‘B’ in the center. The statement ‘Open Source P2P Money’ is prominent at the bottom. The back states “The World’s First Gold-Backed Physical Bitcoins’ and features imagery relating to mining and encryption on a circuit-board pattern similar to the style used by MJB Monetary Metals. The stated denomination of 1 BTC is also obvious.

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