Gold Plated Coin

CoinBull is an online store selling precious metal bullion as well as BTC and LTC. Both for promotional purposes and to serve as an effective medium to store BTC, the ‘Coinbull Crypto Coin’ was released as a way to allow ‘physical delivery’ of BTC and LTC.
The face of the coin is dominated by the head of a bull, which is naturally inspired by the name of the company. The name itself is a combination of two concepts: precious metal ‘bullion’ and a ‘bullish’ view on both precious metals and crypto-currency. Though the name does suggest it, the coin does not contain precious metals beyond the silver (background) and gold (raised surfaces) plating. The Latin phrase ‘In Utroque Partus’ means ‘Prepared for Anything’, perhaps suggesting financial preparedness for the eventual collapse of government-issued money. This interpretation is likely to be correct, considering that the company’s slogan is “bullish on coins, bearish on currency”. The back sticker has no hologram, but does include a printed public key and corresponding QR code, with a private key behind it.

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