These coins were produced in conjunction by several members of the Guldencoin development team. Guldencoin is an alternative crypto-currency, which was proclaimed to be the ‘official crypto-currency of the Netherlands’ by its creators. The name ‘Guldencoin’ is derived from the ‘Dutch Guilder’, which was the national currency unit before the introduction of the euro.
The front of the coin is designed to mimic the Dutch 1 Guilder coin (shown on the bottom left). The Guldencoin ‘G’ is presented on the front. The launch date of ‘April 4th 2014’ is displayed prominently, along with the denomination and serial number. The rim of the coin has a diamond cut pattern, giving it a ‘golden’ glimmer. The coins were sold for around 15 EUR each, with the lowest 50 serial numbers going for higher prices. The edge of the coin is engraved with the phrase “Betalen Met Guldencoin”, which translates from Dutch to “Pay With Guldencoin”.

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