MaxCoin Silver Cryptobullion 2014

These silver coins are designed to hold Maxcoin, which is an alternative crypto-currency launched by Max Keiser, a broadcaster who hosts The Keiser Report, a financial commentary show on Russia Today UK. The coins are created by an individual named Mike Murphy, who started a successful online crowd-funder that raised 89,108 USD. The amount raised is a huge one, and is largely a result of the publicity afforded by Mr. Keiser’s involvement with Maxcoin. Keiser is known for his statements in favor of silver over many other investments, which makes it appropriate that the minted Maxcoin is of a silver composition.

The front features the Maxcoin ‘m’ logo, surrounded by a circuit board similar to the design which was first used by MJB Monetary Metals. In addition to ‘maxcoin’ the year is displayed along with the Latin phrase ‘Defendit Numerus’ which translates to ‘There is safety in numbers’.

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