Paradigm Failure

This round is made by Silver Shield Collection, a company that makes a large number of silver bullion coins and bars. Most of the material created by Silver Shield is based around Libertarian themes. Their designs promote sayings like ‘Don’t tread on me’, the right to bear arms, and mock the US federal monetary system. The criticism aimed at the established financial system is often done with the implication that precious metals such as silver are ‘real’ money as opposed to government issued money.

What makes this Bitcoin themed round truly special is that it is not actually meant to promote Bitcoin in any form. The ‘BitCON’ round is meant to mock the idea of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, with the implication that they are intangible and therefore worthless (or at least without intrinsic ‘real’ value) just like dollars, euros, and pounds apparently are. The round has a large
Bitcoin ‘B’ symbol (which is technically incorrect, as it only has one vertical stroke), inside of which smaller dollar, euro, and pound signs are found. ‘Paradigm Failure’ is superimposed in the center, and the outer rim of the round states ‘You Don’t Own It If You Don’t Hold It’. The divergence in opinions on crypto-currencyis most interesting.

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