PBC Coin

The first coin produced by Matthew, the 1BTC 2013 coin was created before the ‘Microsoul’ brand, and is thus quite different from his later designs. The coin itself is extremely generic and simple, inscribed only with ‘1 Bitcoin’ in raised gold letters.
Of the 100 minted, 62 were funded and the remainder were sold as blanks. 50 coins remain funded.

This coin is unique in its operation. While most similar coins simply include a private key like a paper wallet, the private key on this coin is not actually the private key per se, but a written code representing it. Buyers of this coin received a piece of paper containing a simple equation to decrypt the code. A list of coins is maintained by the Microsoul website, with the name/screen-name of each owner publicly visible. In the event that a coin is transferred or sold, the seller should include the original private code received with the coin, or else the concealed BTC cannot be redeemed without assistance from Microsoul who maintains a copy of each decryption code. A further point of interest with this coin is that the private key code is actually engraved to the back of the coin, instead of on a piece of paper behind the sticker.