S2.0 – Node Brass

1,000 of these brass coins are DIY, the first 50 of which have serial numbers on the back. The other 950 have a stamped ‘R’ on the reverse.

An additional 216 coins are fully assembled, but not prefunded. When offered for sale, they sold out in under 10 hours. They have ‘A’ stamped on the reverse. They come in ‘labels’ of five different colors which are made in various quantities, with ‘label’ actually referring to the color of the paper on which the first-bits are written and is visible prominently in the hologram window.
These colors are associated with a number of *’s below the first-bits (to ensure that each color can be identified even if faded by the sun or in case of color-blindness: 0 for gray, 1 for green, 2 for yellow, etc).The DIY coin has a different hologram (pictured) than the ‘labeled’ coins (pictured on the ‘Series 2.3 – Node Bronze’ page). The purpose of this significant amount of intentional differentiation is to keep collectors interested, as some customers will want to order one of each or most varieties.

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