S3 0.1 BTC 2013

On top of being the smallest denomination Casascius coin, this was also the last. Had Casascius continued the production of coins into later years, it is likely that he would have moved towards smaller denominations such as this and even to 0.05 BTC or 0.01 BTC (such as Microsoul), as 0.05 BTC in late 2013 was the dollarequivalent of several BTC when Casascius first started to make coins.

The coin uses the same size hologram as the series 3 0.5 BTC coin, but lacks ‘laser rimming’ which the series 3 1 BTC coin features. These coins were sold in rolls of 20, meaning they ended up in relatively few hands. The seven remaining unredeemed coins that were funded in 2012 are extremely rare, and are likely held by some of the first buyers.

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