Satori Coin

“Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for… enlightenment. [The coin] is called Satori because of the life-altering power of Bitcoin. Many Bitcoin users will attest that  they see their lives as divided into two main periods; before understanding Bitcoin and after understanding Bitcoin. Indeed, knowing Bitcoin can dramatically change your view on what may arguably be the most
important matter in life; money.”

Satori Coin is perhaps the first physical crypto-coin with a ‘spiritual’ theme, and certainly the first related to Buddhism. While the view of Bitcoin being ‘lifealtering’ (as if a spiritual ‘enlightenment’) is arguably extreme, it speaks to the almost religious fervor for the technology that many people express. The coin is full of symbolism with the outer blue bars and teal knots circling the inner square representing the blockchain, and the sunrays reaching through the central ‘box’ alluding to ‘thinking outside the box’. There are holograms on both sides. Religious themes are not new to Bitcoin. One of the prominent early investors in Bitcoin companies, Roger Ver, describes himself as a ‘Bitcoin Evangelist’ and is also known
as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’. The truth is that many people view crypto-currency with something akin to a religious mindset: that the technology will somehow heal or renew the seemingly broken and/or dysfunctional global economic order