Silver WorldCoin

Antaui was created by Nathan Gudmunson, a PHP developer who was head of development (and chair of the board) for Worldcoin. Worldcoin is an alternative crypto-currency which once had a very active community base and a market cap peak of nearly 24 million USD in late 2013. These coins were produced at the time of Worldcoin’s peak value, which has fallen from about 90 cents (USD) to less 1 percent of that.

Like many alternative crypto-currencies, Worldcoin was an attempt to innovate on Bitcoin to successfully launch a new, stable, and global monetary system.While most attempts at such a lofty goal are likely to be unsuccessful, the innovations that are taking place are no doubt setting the stage for something even better in the future. Coins like this are perhaps the only lasting
physical evidence of the long process of technological and social progress which may one day transform the world and society we live in with a new concept of money and all its unknown consequences.

The front features the Worldcoin logo along with ‘5 WDC’, with which it is pre-funded. The backside has a custom hologram covering the entire surface.

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