v1 S1 Cryptofreeze

Cryptofreeze coins were inspired by the original ‘Serpcoin’ pre-funded coins. These coins are identical to Serpcoin’s creations, except for the printed name and markings on the outer edge of the backside. An additional factor to take into account is that while these coins are denominated as 0.01 BTC, they are not pre-funded. It is interesting to observe that both types of coins actually use the exact same scratch-off hologram stickers. Counterfeiting is possibly a concern for these coins (as well as the similar coins made by Serpcoin), as all anyone would need to is acquire the same stickers, an aluminum Casascius coin, and use a printer to create the markings on the side. Though the value of either coin is not yet at a level where such an act would be worthwhile, it is sensible to stay vigilant

The ‘Cryptofreeze’ name clearly alludes to the idea that BTC loaded onto the coin will be in a secure ‘frozen’ state out of the reach of hackers.

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