Zinodaur Physical Litecoin

he imagery at the center of this coin represents Litecoin mining, security, speed (as compared to Bitcoin), and global applicability. The original intent was to release three distinct versions of the coin: an ‘Economy’, ‘Executive’, and even ‘Chocolate’. While the first would be made cheaply, the second was to be made to the highest standards. The chocolate coins were a ‘fun’ addition, and used as a promotion. Due to a lack of demand, the ‘Executive’ version never materialized. A batch of 4,000 coins were produced, 850 of which were designated as ‘Special First Edition’ coins. These ‘SFE’ coins feature a ‘window’ in the hologram (pictured above), whereas the remaining 3,150 have no such window. The SFE coins were meant to be funded with 1 LTC prior to shipment, but the idea was abandoned due to the publicized legal complications faced by Casascius. The other coins (without hologram windows) were never meant to be pre-funded.

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